The Stone Light and many others

I’m back! Finally figured out my password and login and such. I’ve read some super books in the mean time. Some of my favorites (at least the ones I can remember):
The Water Mirror — really good, love the ideas, wish I could read it in the original German though. Cant wait to finish the series.
Cast Two Shadows — very good, liked it even better than the author’s A Girl in Blue, did a book report on it
Deadline — by Chris Crutcher. Life changing book. Unbelievably good.
Dairy Queen — Catherine Murdock. Also amazing, and also about football. And there’s a sequel!  ‘Off Season’ I think.
Stormbreaker — very nice action book, but I was looking for more emotion
Eclipse — great 3rd book, almost died at the end because I thought there weren’t going to be any sequels. The part about Jacob is very controversial, I didn’t want Bella to like him at all, but I see what Meyers/Edward said about her healing and a part of her heart belonging to him. It’s like in life, we go on and experience new things, there’s no way it won’t affect us.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — what can I say! Rowling said the epilogue was the only thing that kept her going sometimes, and I know what she means. It was wonderful, except for the ‘Albus Severus’ part. I agree that that is a lousy name (although well intentioned). The 7th book felt like it was a whole different style/voice, but I guess things are bound to be different without our beloved hoggy Hogwarts. I still don’t understand some parts of it, and am not satisfied in some respects, but it was very good.
In the Belly of the Bloodhound — good, also different; not as much of the high seas-salty-air-ness that is so fun. But what a cliffhanger ending! I wanted to read the next book so badly.

Well there are tonnes and tonnes more but I also have a paper to write. Tally ho!


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