The Mediator Series

The Mediator
by Meg Cabot

Shadowland • Ninth Key • Reunion • Darkest Hour • Haunted • Twilight

Loved it. Book one was amazing, with the descriptions, her coming and settling in to California (it is the middle of winter and believe me I really wished I was on that beach with her! 70° there right now) That area, Carmel, sounds amazing. (And they have a really nice website.) On two of our family vacations to CA we came in to San Jose airport, it was like déja vu.

I loved Jesse. How amazing would that be, to have a totally hot guy with a Spanish accent as a friend and confidant? Oh my gosh and the ending! I’m so, so SO glad that he lived and they can go on together and she didn’t have to lose her true love like poor Father Dominic! That was neat the part about Susannah saying maybe it wasn’t his time to die, as is willing to give him up, but really it meant that he was meant for another time, to be with her! Kudos to Meg Cabot, I was panicking, I couldn’t see any good way for that to end up as I was reading it. That was an amazing solution.

My favorite book of the series was probably Twilight or Darkest Hour.

I didn’t like how frustratingly immature Suze was sometimes. Also, some parts of it were actually really scary! Like when she was supposedly ‘kicking ghost butt’ but really getting the crap beat out of her (especially books 1 and 3) and the parts with Paul and going up into the hallway, plus the nightmares afterwards.

One thing I still don’t get, how does the thing where Suze can ‘call’ people work?  Because if it happened every time she thought of someone, i.e. Jesse, they would be around a lot more.  Maybe Meg Cabot will resolve this in another book, I saw on her diary blog that she might not be done writing this series, but says that she and Suze need a break.  Yay!!

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