Boy Proof

Boy Proof
by Cecil Castellucci

Very interesting. Il a beaucoup des idées interessantes.

Some of the concepts mentioned by Max and Victoria are amazingly poignant.

I loved how it was set in Hollywood.  That would be a whole different world, all those things going on, all those different people.  I loved how her hero Zach/Uno was good at Trig.  I can’t believe some of those people though, her guidance counselor asking her mom for an autograph?  Eugh.  I was really glad for her mom though when she got back into acting and had all those great positions and stuff.
That would have been really horrible to have everyone ignore you like that, and I can’t believe they carried it out as long as they did.  Like two months I think!  But, on the other hand, she was just that horrible to them, and it might have taken something that drastic to knock some sense into her.
Another person that needed some sense knocked into them was Egg’s dad.  What a jerk!  One should be able to contain one’s anger once in a while.  Oh, I’m going to explode at you because you talked to me.  So there!  I hate how Egg thinks it’s perfectly okay.  I understand personal space, and not disturbing people, but that is way extreme.
And I can’t believe she let the Valedictorian slip away from her like that.  I guess it’s a good thing, she was an over-achiever and needed to realize that there is more to life.
I don’t know that ‘Boy Proof’ is a good title.  It is not a novel solely about how Victoria is boy proof, it is more of a story about how she doesn’t need anyone else.  I would have called it ‘Hailing from Planet Egg’ or something like that that ties in the science fiction aspect.

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