Meg Cabot

It’s quite fortuitous how Jinx gets to live with her Aunt and Uncle and start over fresh in their fairy tale New York world.

If I hadn’t read the Mediator series before picking up this book, I would have thought a whole different person was also writing under Meg Cabot’s name.  It is in a way like Princess Diaries and in a way like the Mediator books (the witch aspect especially).

I didn’t like how Jinx was shunning her witch side and how at the beginning there was only shoddy mention of the real reason (probably meant to keep the reader guessing) and the subject was turbid throughout the rest of the book.  I was glad of Zach’s response after the disaster at the Winter formal, and his jumping over the rose covered wall was marvelous.  Jinx’s cousin Torrance was scary, kind of overdone/fake, same with her friends.  The talk of Iowa and her other home and family greatly irked me.

Overall I very much liked the details, scenery, and characters, but the thought of the main character, dialogue, and especially development was lacking.


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