Jodi Lynn Anderson

I almost didn’t finish this one. I started reading it then actually got so sick of it I had to forget it for a week or two before I could stomach picking it up again. But then it got really good. Maybe it was me, maybe the beginning just has to be gotten through. A little part of the problem was that I was very confused, with the rapid flashbacks and no prior knowledge to support it, and then the descriptions of people without a background or a setting, my mind just didn’t know where to place the people and events, it really doesn’t like things floating around in ether. (And maybe it was just my speed reading getting away from me. Oftentimes it takes the reins and I fly through about 3 chapters in a beautiful whirlwind that leaves gaping holes in detail.)

After that though things were awesome. I loved the scenery, the camaraderie, the melody. The peach orchard was beautiful, the hot days relished by me reading this in a foot of snow, the coming together (however slowly) of the friends fulfilling.

But one other thing, the whole Rex issue, I never got it. How he meets Murphy and looks at her funny, his face moving weirdly like he can’t put his finger on it, what is that about? Murphy might’ve felt something stirring too, but it wasn’t mentioned in the text, so it was very confusing. Or maybe she was suppressing her feelings for her friend. And then at the end of the book he comes and talks to her, it is all ‘let me be your worshiper I’m blinded by love’ kind of. Eck. I don’t know.

I don’t know if I want to read the sequel or not. Who knows, maybe it will be even better.


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