by Will Leitch

Well, I liked it. Can’t say I loved it, it’s too much like real life. I think it is a very good examination of the whole college conveyer belt (to quote Rori Gilmore). Tim is just going to college. It’s just a fact. But then he really starts to look at it, from the college visit to his plan with Helena to thinking that he might not go, it’s important to look something over like that from all angles before jumping in.

It almost killed me when Helena said she never cared about Tim. I’m glad she got a happy ending too. And that Doug will get better. That would be so hard to deal with, the disappointment, the loss, the frustration.

About that ‘small’ Illinois town Mattoon, I’ve never even seen that much beer in my life. P.S. to the author, Will Leitch, 10,000 people is moderately small, but barely. I live near a town of 100, a town of 300, a town of 3000, and another of 8000. Ten thousand seems pretty big to me. But totally kudos for writing about your homotown. That would take a lot of guts. I wonder what they thought, how they responded. I remember reading about the response James Herriot got from his books, his boss didn’t like how he was portrayed am I think it ruined their relationship.


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