Son of the Mob

Son of the Mob
+ Hollywood Hustle

by Gordon Korman

Loved it. I accidentally read the second one before the first, but it turned out okay, maybe even better for this series.

I was so proud of myself when I guessed almost immediately that Ray was the ‘inside man’. And it was nice how for a change the main character got it, not so much beating around the bush. The resolution was cool, I was freaking out when he pulled the gun on Vince, but then his good character pulled through.

That really stinks how Vince’s problem was so bad that he had to quit the football team.

My favorite parts of this book: when Vince tells his dad at the end that he’s going out with Agent Bite-Me’s daughter, how Kendra and Vince are so perfect for each other, and at the end of the year when Vince knows he’ll get an A in the class, he tells Mr. Mullinicks, “That’s your problem.”


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