SAT Book List

SAT Book List

I’m a college-bound almost-senior, so my next and final SAT on October 4th is weighing heavily on my mind. For all you other 2400 hopefuls out there, here is a list of good books to read in preparation. Of course as I read them they will appear on this blog with a review and a yay/nay for enjoyment/helpfulness. In the meantime, enjoy.

A Brief History of Time — Stephen Hawking
QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter — Richard P. Feynman
The Mismeasure of Man — Stephen Jay Gould
The Lives of a Cell — Lewis Thomas
The Republic — Plato
Democracy in America — Alexis DeTocqueville
Civilization and Its Discontents — Sigmond Freud
The Language Instinct — Steven Pinker
How the Mind Works — Steven Pinker
(Seen in a review from “If How the Mind Works were a rock show, tickets would be scalped for $100.”)
A People’s History of the US — Howard Zinn
Freakonomics — Stephen Levitt & Steven Dubner

Crime and Punishment — Fyodor Dostoevsky
The Metamorphosis & Other Stories — Franz Kafka
Narratives of the Life of Frederick Douglas
Life of Pi — Yann Martel
The Color Purple — Alice Walker
Atlas Shrugged — Ayn Rand
Frankenstein — Mary Shelley
Pride and Prejudice — Jane Austen
Baby, It’s Cold Inside — S. J. Perelman
Best American Short Stories of the Century — John Updike
Growing Up — Russell Baker
The Wall — John Hersey
Candide — Voltaire
Macbeth — William Shakespeare
The Painted Bird — Jerzy Kosinski
One Hundred Years of Solitude — Gabriel García Márquez

The Chomsky Reader — Chomsky
The World is Flat — Friedman
Drift and Mastery — Lippmann
The Best American Essays — Atwan
Walden — Thoreau
Lanterns & Lances — Thurber
> plus other media:
The Op-Ed pages of the New York Times
The Nation
Scientific American
Essays in Harper’s, Atlantic Monthly, and the New Yorker
Sunday Magazine

More ways to prepare:
Talk to smart adults and friends with good vocabularies
Read college-level books
Watch documentaries
Listen to National Public Radio
~ try out new words on your own
~ get a dictionary with pronunciation and etymology

And lastly, don’t forget to practice writing essays. You only have 25 minutes to ‘present and support a point of view on a specific issue’ as well as you can.

Go to the College Board site for even more info:

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