The Glass Word

by Kai Meyer

Completing the trilogy of the Dark Reflections series, The Glass Word reveals all the mysteries readers wondered about.  My biggest concern was: How could that entire world be enslaved?  Except for Venice the alternate view of our Earth seemed almost devoid of life, and at first even the Venetians weren’t too worried.  Now in The Glass Word we meet people from Czechoslovakia, the sea, and Egypt and hear of others elsewhere when Summer is freed.

I particularly liked the concept of Summer and Winter trying to find each other.  And the fact that Junipa was okay in the end and did not give in to the Light.  Her and Merle’s travels through the mirrors will certainly be interesting.  I hope Vermithrax, the great obsidian lion, finds his people.  I enjoyed his character, so strong, almost nothing could hurt him, and he was a guiding strength. 

It was nice to have defined the exact parameters of the epic battle between the Light and good forces.  Finally the story makes sense!  I still don’t get the relationship between Lord Light, Lalapeya, and Merle.

One thing though, that I’m sure readers everywhere scratched their heads about: why did Serafin have to die?  Was it too inconvenient to have him around anymore?  Is a happy ending too cliché?

Anyway a very interesting book.  A mixed bag of ideas that give one pause.


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