About the Blog

Welcome to Literary Livewire!  I created this blog as a way to remember and think more deeply on the books that I read.  I hope that visitors can compare favorites, get some more titles for their lists, and start discussions about these books.

Most of the books I read are classified as ‘YA.’  I feel that they are actually better than Adult Fiction.  I also like to peruse the classics and some interesting biographies upon occasion.

This blog is just getting started.  I hope that over time it will hold a plethora of the best there is to read.

happy reading!

3 responses to “About the Blog

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. I’d be honored if you’d review my book, “A Star To Sail Her By.” I’m a young author (17 years old) myself.

    Here’s the summary: Alex, age 8, and Lara, age 7, who has Autism, for a one-year sabbatical, sailing from New England to the Caribbean and South America. They ended up sailed over 25,000 nautical miles and the journey turned into a 5 year odyssey of adventure and growth for all of them. The family left in June 2003 with the Bermuda Race and returned in the summer of 2008, when Alex was turning 14 and entering Phillips Exeter Academy, where he currently is in 10th grade. The story is told by him from his point of view, and includes the transition from enthusiastic child to capable sailor and reflective young adult. It includes amazing adventures, exposures to remote, exotic cultures and a near fatal bout of encephalitis, which required a medical evacuation and a prolonged hospitalization in the middle of the journey. Alex kept a daily journal for almost 6 years and this forms the core of the book, which is written in a linear time frame encompassing the five year saga.

    For more information, you can visit my blog: http://authoralexellison.tumblr.com/

    Again, I’d be very honored if you’d review my book.


  3. Arghhh! I was just about to leave a reply about how wonderful your summaries and reviews are and then I read, “I feel that they are actually better then Adult Fiction.” I believe you mean “than”. Nobody is perfect. But still, your reviews are wonderful and your taste in literature excellent. Keep up the good work!

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